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Revitalize your health and energy using Moringa's health benefits, Moringa Leaves Nutrition, healing herbs, and alternative medicine! Research articles, resources, blog, supplements, and organic Moringa products.

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Experience New Vitality, Improved Immune Function and Health Using Moringa, Supplements and Medicinal Herbs

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USDA Organic Certified Moringa Products sold on my site are grown in Ecuador on a certified organic farm. These Moringa Products are then tested for E-coli, mold, bacteria and contaminants in the USA, then packaged in a US/GMP certified lab in Connecticut!


USDA Organic Certified Moringa Capsules, 120 caps   USDA USDA organic certified Moringa capsules, 300 caps  USDA Organic Certified Moringa Leaf Bulk Powder





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Simply Stated 'Moringa is Nature's Amazing Green Super Food!"

  • Moringa is a survival food containing all the nutritional elements we need to survive! There are few foods that contain protein, calcium, all eight amino acids, iron, trace minerals....all we need in a complete food source!   This is one food you can grow at home, even in the house in colder climates. The Moringa leaves can be stored as a survival food source.  
  • It is a great vegan resource for amino acids, calcium and iron!
  • Supports increased energy and vitality without caffeine or stimulants!  
  • Support enhanced focus, mental clarity and stamina Naturally
  • Contains a full complement of  all-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Promotes healthier blood naturally
  • Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels within a normal range
  • Helps to maintain healthier blood pressure levels within a normal range
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy body
  • Supports healthy mobility and flexibility
  • Supports maintenance of healthy joints
  • Helps athletes recover more quickly after a hard training session because of its dense nutrition.
  • Experience greater health and energy with Moringa supplements


Growing and Using Moringa and Healing Herbs Blog


Why I don't use or sell Moringa Powder from India Blog Article


10 Reasons  Why You Should Buy 'Moringa Source' Products:

Moringa Leaves are one of the MOST Nutritious leaves in Nature with all 8 amino acids, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, trace minerals, and anti-oxidants which are in a form easily digested by your body. A complete food source containing health supporting nutrients!

This Ancient Tree.. Known to native people for thousands of years....Used in Ayurvedic medicine to support health and immune function . ..Called Mulunggay, Tree of Life and Miracle Tree.. Its Secrets are Now Being Discovered..... The  miracle of Moringa Leaves. The Moringa plant benefits your health by supporting energy production, immune function, and supporting overall body health.  Its the highly dense nutritional content of the Moringa leaves that is such a beautiful complement to vibrant health.

What is Moringa? Learn how to reap the benefits of Moringa for your health and energy Today through the articles, research, and information available through this website.

Moringa Trumps Superfood Rivals in ORAC Tests

In  one research study, this Moringa product scored 157,000 umole TE/100g (hydrophilic and lipophilic). Moringa topped a number of antioxidant superfoods, beating out rivals such as turmeric at 127,000, acai at 102,700, cocoa powder at 55,653, pomegranates at 4,479 and blueberries at only 2,400. The ORAC value score is a measurement of antioxidants in foods and supplements. Antioxidants are compounds which actively quench free-radicals. This action helps to prevent cellular damage the common pathway for cancer aging and a variety of other diseases.


Moringa Tree's Leaves Become  Supercharged  with Nutrition when dried into a powder :

Individual products may contain amounts different than the values stated here.

Gram for Gram Dried Moringa Leaves Typically Contain:

Moringa is a Powerhouse of Nutrition

  • 4 Times the Protein of Yogurt
  • 75% of the Vitamin C in Oranges
  • 3 Times the Postassium of Bananas
  • 4 Times the Vitamin A of Carrots
  • 17 Times the Calcium of Milk
  • 25 Times more Iron than Spinach
  • 4 Times more protein than Eggs



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