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How To Use Fresh and Dried Moringa Leaves in Your Everyday Meals


Why You may not have heard about Moringa or seen it is your local supermarket.

Moringa Leaves are part of the Phillipine and Asian Diet. Many people grew up in their homeland eating this food everyday. They know it well and know of its exceptional nutritional properties.

Moringa leaves are spicy and delicious. It is something that the family will ask to eat!. They really do taste wonderful.

Most American families are not using Moringa leaves in their diet. They have no idea what it is and have never heard of it. The main reason is at present you do not find them in American Markets like Vons or Albertsons.  You find them in Asian Markets.


The problem there, is that many communities do not have Asian Markets so people have never heard or seen it.  


The Moringa Tree needs warmer climates so many people in states where there are harsh winters cannot grow it themselves or buy it at the store.


Asian Markets are most often getting their fresh Moringa leaves from Hawaii or Arizona.


There are many great Asian dishes to use Moringa in but you can use it in the typical American cooking as well.


Moringa Leaves are superior to lettuce, spinach, and most all the fresh leaves you normally put in your salads. Go here to check out the gram for gram differences.


When you eat them fresh, they are full of healthful enzymes that give your body the power to work more effectively. This is not even talking about all the other nutrition in these little leaves.

Growing and Using Moringa and Healing Herbs Blog : Blogs focused on the questions you want answered on Moringa and healing herbs.



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Moringa Receipes and Suggestions for Everyday meals using Moringa leaves or bulk powder:



Fresh Moringa Leaves Picked from your tree!

Enzymes, flavor, nutrition and tastes wonderful! Couldn't get any fresher than that!

Make hot tea  or add ice cubes for cold tea. It is really refreshing and helps get you going. Add ginko tea or green tea to help you with some mental zip. Try cutting down on your coffee intake with Moringa tea with ginko.


Salads Fit For A King

Moringa fresh leaves are wonderful in any salad.

Add them to any salad as you would spinach leaves.

I make a salad out of Moringa, Spinach, red lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers,and mushrooms and it is great.

By the time I get through it is a filling dinner.

You can also top the salad with sunflower seeds, or other seeds or nuts.



Boost the Nutrition in Your Sandwich

Put Moringa leaves in your sandwich or hamburger instead of lettuce.

Moringa leaves are more nutritious than any of your lettuces and taste delightful.

Add Moringa leaves to tuna which makes a awesome tuna spread for crackers or in a tortilla.

 Add Moringa to egg salad.   


Moringa Green Drink Supercharged

6 ounces cranberry juice or your favorite

6 ounces water

1 TBS Spirulina Powder

2 TBS Moringa Powder

1 tablespoon Life Source Green Drink

2 tablespoons Fiber powder

Blend in the blender and serve.

My husband and I fix this green drink every morning. It gives us energy for he whole morning, cuts cravings and appetite helping you to maintain or lose weight. It tastes great too. If you want it less strong cut the green ingredients down to teaspoons to start out.  


Yummy Nutritious Green Smoothie

Put yogurt into a blender with the a above ingredients.

Add fresh or frozen fruit

Add a little fresh juice

Add flaxseed


Moringa Milk

2 caps Moringa powder

Add to organic milk, nut milk, goats milk.

Add honey, stir.....its a simple energy boost!


 Moringa Peanut Butter

Put 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of Moringa leaf powder to a two to three tablespoons of natural peanut butter.  

Mix the powder into the PB, add a touch of honey....its great!

You can substitute the PB with other nut butters.


Avocado  and Ranch Dips with Moringa Topping

Add Moringa powder to avocado or ranch dips to boost the nutritional value.

Add as a topping on Cottage Cheese



Moringa Quiche and Egg Dishes

Add Moringa leaves to Quiche as you would spinach and top omelets with the leaves. Add them to the omelets at the last to preserve vitamins and nutrients destroyed in cooking.



Soothing and Nutritious Tea

Steep leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. Then strain.

I sometimes add ginkgo or green tea as well to the Moringa tea.

You can either steep the fresh leaves or used the dried tea. The amount of dried tea depends on the strength that tastes good to you.

Great relaxing tea before bed to help you sleep. When you take it in the morning it gives you stamina and energy without caffeine.



Pizza and Italian Dishes

Add Moringa leaves after it has cooked in the oven and still hot. Just sprinkle the leaves over the top. This makes a great nutritious topping especially for a vegetarian pizza, or any Italian dish.

Parties and Meat Balls

Cook the spaghetti, add the sauce, then top with fresh Moringa leaves or add to the sauce right before serving.


Soups and Curry Dishes   

Traditional dishes may include a mixture of coconut, poppy seeds, and mustard. Add Moringa leaves at the end of the cooking to preserve as much of the nutrients as possible.

Add Moringa leaves or powder to any soup after cooking to enhance the nutritional value.




Add the dried leaf powder or the fresh to your yogurt.


Applesauce with Moringa Topping

Top applesauce with Moringa powder...its Yummy



Moringa / Coco No Bake Health Balls

Vanilla Wafers Ground into fine powder

Two tablespoons of Moringa powder

Two globs of chunky peanut butter to hold the mix together

1 tsp or more Mexican Hot Chocolate mix with cinnamon and spices.

1 to 2 tsp of sugar depending on taste or honey

Mix all of it together and roll into balls. You can make these less sweet or more sweet according to your taste. You could add chocolate chips to the balls. It depends on how healthy you want them regarding the sugar and calories.


Another variation of cookie balls with Peanut Butter

Add Moringa to peanut butter, a tsp of honey, and ground nuts...roll into balls and they are yummy. Add chocolate chips or chocolate power as well. You can see how you like it....I love it.



Moringa Flower Salad

Fresh Moringa Flowers (taste like Radish)


Oil and Vinegar

Steam flowers and add to salad. Then add seasonings, oil, and vinegar.


Pea Soup

Slice open older pods and boil until soft. Scrape out seeds and fleshy lining.

Discard rinds.

Fleshy lining may be eaten or returned back to soup pot. Add onions, salt, pepper and flour or cornstarch to thicken.


Moringa Pod-Lentil Soup

Cook pods as in Pea Soup recipe.

Add pods and fleshy part to lentil soup.



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