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Moringa and Holistic Health Learning Center  


Looking for the 'real truth' on Moringa, herbs, and alternative therapies without all the hype?  

Information that is not written by biased standard medicine sites or by alternative writers who oversell their products.

Our learning center will provide you realible, accurate and truthful information about Moringa, medicinal herbs, and alternative medicine as you search to find answers to your health issues or just to improve your health.

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Tips for Buying Safe Moringa Products: What you need to know as a consumer. The problems with buying Moringa and herbs from China and India.


Moringa and Healing Herbs Blog : Blogs focused on the questions you want answered on growing and using Moringa and healing herbs.Share our new adventures in Tennessee gardening, growing herbs and raising our own chickens and rabbits..Here


Alternative Medicine Article Directory featuring articles on Moringa, Women's health, herbs and holistic health topics...Here


Links to all holistic health topics Here  



Links to All Women's health topics Here

Effective Healing needs to be a partnership between alternative medicine and standard therapies to create the most positive healing experience for each individual's health condition.

The two different healing systems (alternative medicine and standard medicine) don't have to fight each other as they do here in the United States. In many countries, the best of alternative and standard medicine therapies are used together, complementing each other,  to achieve optimal health for their patients.

Moringa is not a cure-all for every disease such as HIV and cancer as many sites advertise. It is not a substitute for good daily nutritional and lifestyle habits. Moringa is a food not a herb. Moringa leaves are just much more superior in their nutritional value than many other common foods you are eating now. The nutrition is easily absorbed by the different body systems.

Moringa leaves are an amazing ancient organic food source that can be used as a survival plant that you need to know about. You will learn how adding Moringa leaves to your diet helps to prevent nutritional caused deficiencies which lead to diseases such as diabetes and a majority of illness and health problems.

There are many misrepresentations of Moringa and herbs on many sites. This learning center will help you to sort through what you read and the truth.

Moringa, Alternative therapies and herbs have been used going back to the beginning when man was created. They are still today the basis for many healing systems including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Herbal medicine is used by doctors in many countries of the world such as Germany, England, Africa, China, Russia, and Japan.

Moringa, herbs and alternative therapies are effective tools in healing but are not cure-alls. They assist the body and its built in infection fighting tools such as the immune and lymph system to do its job. Both Moringa and herbs feed systems that are deficient and weak, building them up so they work more effectively and efficiently. Herbs also cleanse in some cases and act as natural antibiotics. Different herbs have different roles in assisting the healing process.

Becoming educated is the key to taking control of your health. I will be teaching online classes in the new year. Be proactive. Know as much or more about your condition and the treatments available than the doctor. Ask questions and demand answers.


Healing Leaves Ezine- Learn about Moringa, health, and healing  herbs through in depth articles. Each month a  personalized ezine with NEW research, tips,  alternative therapies, and facts on improving your life and health!


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2016 Classes by Kate Freer

(Schedule will be posted in the new year)

Orthomolecular Medicine and herbs will begin in the New Year.

Women's Health Class topics will include Interstitial Cystitis, thyroid and weight problems, fibroid tumor reduction holistically, and cortisol reduction. Essential oils will be covered as well. Come back to  view the schedule and topics.

 Essential Oils Class:  Learn how to use  essential oils in your home and for your  health!  

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Contact Information:

Kate Freer


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